In addition to jewelry, I engage in visual arts, particularly acrylic paintings. At the time of writing, my works have been on display in two solo exhibitions, one in Ateljé Torni and another one in Vaasa City main library.

My painting style is generally speaking surrealism, with influences from impressionism visible in many works. Inspiration for the works is rooted in nature, various mythologies, science, and popular culture, among others. I like to use bold palettes and strong contrasts to capture the eye.

I also like inject some humor to many of my works, even if the subject matter itself may be rather serious. I find that too somber an approach may lead to the viewer zoning out, which does very little for anyone. On the other hand, exploring the subjects through less serious lenses allows the ideas to be absorbed without having them just depress the viewer.

For information on future exhibitions, keep an eye on my blog, where I will write a post when relevant. If you would like to purchase my paintings, contact me at [email protected], and make me an offer. Similarly, if you are interested in hosting my works in an exhibition, mail me, and we will discuss the matter further.