Handmade Unique Spider Sculpture Brooch


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Brooch made into the shape of a spider. Made out of bronze and brass wires, silvered metal beads for eyes. Body’s length from fangs to the tip of abdomen is about eight centimeters. The legs spread approximately 10 cm from tip to tip. As alloys of copper, brass and bronze have antimicrobial properties, and they will develop beautiful patina over time. The brooch is unique; even if I make others with a similar concept, the end result will differ from this one.

Spiders have evoked fear, but also and admiration in people. The ancient Sumerian goddess of weaving, Uttu, was envisioned as a spider weaving her web. In ancient Greek mythology, Arachne was once a mortal so skilled at weaving she challenged and defeated Athene herself. The goddess’ wrath caused her to take her own life, after which Athene took pity on her and returned her to life as the first spider. For King Robert the Bruce of Scotland, spiders represented perserverance, which inspired him to keep fighting until he won Scotland’s independence


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